Jaqueline Boberg


The aim of my work is to rediscover the past in new forms. I reach back as if in a time machine. I layer papers found and created, lose them again in coats of paint, only to rediscover them anew through excavation. To me, it concretizes echoes of the past by having them be born anew without the limitations of memory.

I am rarely content with my ability to master any one medium and want to surround myself with all tools at a painter’s disposal. I go through phases: watercolor, pastel, oil, acrylic and mixed media – always returning to a medium to push it in new directions.

While I do not have a favorite tool, I find that in the pursuit of abstraction, mixed media is becoming my go to process. I can cut, tear, glue and rip a piece into chaos and then rescue it from the brink of death. Since turning 60 and seeing a forever-shortened canvass of life, it seems to have liberated me to explore new areas of myself as an artist with the child-like notion of exploration and the maturity to understand that free will is discipline.

In 2016, I was diagnosed with breast cancer and felt extremely supported by a local non-profit organization called Cancer CAREpoint. Their kindness made me determined and inspired to sell my work and donate the proceeds in aid of the organization as a gift to help extend the loving assistance to other cancer survivors.

Gallery of Recent Work