Gallery 300

art gallery + art studios + art collective

We are an art gallery showing traditional, modern and functional art. We are the creative energy of  on-premise studios. We are a group of successful artists inspired by natural beauty of Sonoma County who want to share local art with well, locals. And perhaps whoever else is in town, too. Gallery 300 is based on the idea that a working studio is a great place for people to see the work. Or an art demo, an art show, an event or even music. So come on in, and experience all that we are. We’d love to experience you, too.

art should be approachable

We’re the opposite of stuffy. And so is our art. The way we see it, you can make, and make, and make—but to present and share art is the real essence of creating. At Gallery 300 we’re all about that relationship between creating and sharing. We’ve created a space where you can see art, meet the makers and feel comfortable. We hope you agree. Mostly we show contemporary mixed media paintings but we also have artisan made jewelry and other hand made wearables. Gallery 300 is located in downtown Sebastopol, CA in The Barlow.

art is human

Often people gravitate towards art because it makes them feel good or reflects their state of mind. But we also believe that creating and reflecting on art is a human need. It’s part of what binds us together in this thing we call humanity. Supporting art making then, is crucial to culture because without humanity there’d be no culture…you get the picture. So get in here and be human with us. We even have accessible pricing so you can add to your humanity. Come on in to add to your collection of art. Or let us help you start your collection. Or just come to browse and experience your humaness.